Adopt A Street cleans up local neighborhood

By Lara Nouri

The Pre-Pharmacy Club of Pre-Pharmacy club of Glendale Community College is celebrated its two-year anniversary with a community service project event called Adopt A Street clean up, which took place Nov. 26

This event is held on the approval of the City of Glendale and is a clean up event that takes place on the streets around Glendale Community College to pick up plastics and trash. The Pre-Pharmacy Club that is located at PS-147 in the physical science building has been a club for eight years and has been known for its volunteer events and activities.

One of its well known volunteer events called adopt a street clean up first took place two years ago for volunteer opportunities for its Pre-Pharmacy club members. This was first established to the club to help out the community and the neighborhood because of the amount of litter and trash in the streets. This event’s purpose is to increase community pride and to show appreciation.

It was then recognized to be very beneficial for volunteer hours by the students and later was approved by the City of Glendale to be a usual event that takes place a few times per month. For this event, many students meet up in the morning to pick up trash and plastic. The location is usually the one that is an adopt a street location that is near the campus.

“When many of our club members showed up for the first time we held the adopt a street clean up, we ran it to the city of glendale for approval because it was both beneficial for the students and the community as a whole. Later it became to be a club thing,” said erica Velazquez, the president of the Pre-Pharmacy Club and a GCC student.

“I think many people attend it because it is right next to the campus and it is an easy activity. I had joined the pre-pharmacy club at north GCC first and they also did the adopt a street clean up and it really helped me with my community service hours so I joined the one at main GCC when I started classes here,” said Delilah Solis, one year member of the Pre-Pharmacy Club.

Velazquez explains that the City of Glendale provides them with the orange vests for safety and a hand held garbage picker for all the volunteers thanks to SACDOT. This event is usually held on sundays around 8:30 a.m. a few times a month.

“The activity has been a really popular one between clubs. It was first thought of a prior president, the one before me about a year ago, and after she had left the event kept on going,” said Velazquez.

The club started community service opportunities to help and support GCC students who are majoring in pharmacy. For more information, please contact Erica Velazquez at or call at 602-824-2147.

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