Financial aid workshops available for GCC students

Glendale Community College will be holding their annual series of financial aid workshops that help guide students through their application. Financial aid applications are something that may be a bit of a struggle for students to fill out, which is why GCC will be holding their open workshops on March 2, March 8, and March 9 from 2- 4p.m. in B-103 and B-104.

“When I was coming out of high school I remember trying to fill out my FAFSA application with no help and I ended up waiting till almost the last week of school to get help,” said GCC sophomore Miguel Perez.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is  something that may go unnoticed as a glaring issue as to why some students decide to opt out of going to college. Most students that attend community colleges usually attend them because they do not have the money to be able to attend a university.

“Although I wanted to go to ASU, I feel that financial aid helped me even attend college. I don’t think I would have been able to pay for it if it wasn’t for financial aid,” said GCC freshman Brittney Aizu.

The application is somewhat of a process. If a student is a dependant, they must know the information from their parents W-2 form as the application requires a student to submit that data. If a student did their taxes, they are also required to submit their own information. Many students are not aware of this step of the process which is why they tend to not even finish the application.

“College has always been something that is on my mind and that I would like to go back and do, but financially I’m not able to go and apply for classes. I know that financial aid is available, but the application is too difficult to fill out,” said former GCC student Oscar Gozum.

Nowadays a college education is vital to a person’s future plans when it comes to getting a good job. Studies from the PEW Research Center suggest that the average person between the ages of 25-32 with a bachelor’s degree makes about $45,500 annually whereas a high school graduate with no college education makes around $28,000.

Glendale Community College is offering much needed help that students need to take advantage of. The financial aid workshops will guide a student step by step to assure that they receive the financial help necessary to achieve their academic goals.


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