Fitness Director Susie Kimball teaches variety of classes

By Mia McAllister

Susie Kimball is Glendale Community Colleges Senior Fitness Director. Kimball’s main job is being the Senior Fitness Adviser but she is also involved in many other activities at GCC as well.

“Susie is awesome, very wise and knowledgeable overall,” Paloma Ontiveros, a coworker of Kimball, said.

Aerobics and fitness health improvement fall under Kimball’s official title as well. Other than being the fitness director Kimball also teaches kick boxing, yoga and is Zumba certified at GCC.

Kimball also does personal training outside of GCC under her personal business, Susie Kimball Fitness.

“My number one quote I always tell people is the fountain of youth is fitness,” Kimball said.

Other outside programs that Kimball involves herself in are running muscle camp classes at other local gyms and teaching Shakti drumming which is for natural healing to relieve anxiety.

An upcoming event at GCC that Kimball also takes part in is the National Senior Health and Fitness Day on May 25.

The event will be on GCC’s main campus and contains different programs throughout the day.

Kimball will be teaching the muscle and core part of the event. The overall purpose is to allow individuals to have fun while also relaxing and celebrating Health and Fitness Day.

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