“TLOP” now available for everyone

The Life of Pablo, formally known as “TLOP,” is Kanye West’s seventh studio album and it may have been the most anticipated of them all. Kanye released the album on Feb. 14, but was only made available on the music app Tidal.


Many fans were upset after Kanye sent out a series of tweets claiming that if somebody wanted to listen to the album, the only way they could was by subscribing to Tidal. Kanye went on to say that he would not release it on Apple Music or Spotify and that he was thinking of releasing all future music the exact same way.


Although “TLOP” was not all that accessible, Kanye still managed to bring in some impressive numbers. According to numbers put out by Tidal, The Life of Pablo was streamed over 250 million times in just the first 10 days. The subscriber base also doubled due to the high demand for the album.


However, close to two months later Kanye surprised his fans by releasing the album on Apple Music, Spotify, and even having it for sale on his website on April 1. The April 1 version of the album was different to that of the initial release as Kanye made some changes to several songs.


A few of the changes to the album can be heard on “Ultralight Beam” where Chance the Rapper adds the lyric “No one can judge” before he goes in on his verse. A separate song was also made  titled “Frank’s Track” which was originally a feature at the end of the song “Wolves.” In the new version of “Wolves” Kanye features Australian singer Sia and rapper Vic Mensa.


In “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1” you can hear added background vocals to that of the original version.  On “Feedback” the track is shortened by nine seconds. “Freestyle 4” added synth to the beat that was not a part of the original version. Kanye changed the title of “Silver Surfer Intermission” to “Siiiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission.”
There are other minor changes to the album that were made, but these are the most noticeable. The general consensus of fans that heard the original album is simply that the album may have been better off left as it was. Although some of the changes that were made added some minor improvements, fans seem to have prefered the original version as some things may sometimes be better off left alone.

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