Top three apps for students

By: Michael Nguyen

Top three apps for students

GLENDALE, ARIZ. (AP) – Phone apps are important for students. Whether the apps used for socializing or simply for beneficial use. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram mainly used for socializing. Here are the top three apps students should use for school.

  1. The Canvas app is an educational app used for students’ to keep track of their grades, attendance, and assignments from their professors. Canvas also have announcements, modules, and files for students to view in the mobile app.

The canvas app is helpful and offers students the advantage to use the app when in public or when not near a computer. The app is also free on all smartphones and Androids.

  1. Amazon is another convenient app for college students. Amazon offers a variety of items for students of all majors. Students can find and search swiftly for items like textbooks, required accessories, and other necessities for match price or even lower.

Amazon offers students to join prime students. A 6-months trial for students. Same benefit as an Amazon prime member: free two-day shipping, streaming of prime videos, TV shows, movies, and special deals and promotions, thanks to Sprint.

  1. The last app is a calendar app. IPhones and Androids have the calendar app installed in the smartphone. The calendar app prevents students from procrastinating and help students organize their school schedule for assignments and projects along with other social life activities.

They are numerous apps out there that provides students’ the need to succeed and these are just some of the apps out there that settles to triumph.



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