Travis Scott delivers another work of art with Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Since his debut album Rodeo, rap fans have been waiting to see what was next for Houston rapper Travis Scott. After his 2015 freshman album, which peaked at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and number one in their rap album chart, all Travis Scott fans have had since then is occasional features in other artists’ records.

This left many rap fans wondering whether Scott’s career would be based off of features or if he would establish himself as a top artist in the rap industry. Scott would answer that question with his Sept. 2 release of Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

Scott had publicly mentioned he was working on a new project, but with close to almost no promotion fans were not sure when it would come. The day before the release, Scott posted his album cover on Instagram with the caption reading “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight Cover !!! Shot By Nick Knight See You Tomorrow @applemusic…”. This left many fans like myself checking Apple Music constantly throughout the day of its release.

The album begins with the intro titled “The ends.” Right from the start Scott gives fans a overall introduction to the vibe the album will have with an uptempo beat and classic Travis Scott sound. However, what fans did not expect is a rare appearance from Andre 3000 towards the middle of the song. Scott wasted no time introducing his cast full of popular artist featured throughout the album.

Something to really like about Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight is that Travis Scott did not mention the features on the song titles which leaves listeners wondering who will make an appearance next.

Prior to the album, Young Thug and Quavo collaborated with Scott for the hit single “pick up the phone” which made its way onto the album.

Other features on the album include Kid Cudi on “Through the late night,” 21 Savage on “Outside,” Bryson Tiller on “First take,” The Weeknd on “Wonderful” and Kendrick Lamar on “Goosebumps.”

As if that lineup was not enough, Scott teams up with Justin Beiber. Yes, you read that correctly. “Beibs in the trap” starts off with close to a minute and a half of Beiber rapping. Whether you dislike Beiber or not, “biebs in the trap” is definitely a must hear.

Overall, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight is a successful sophomore album for the twenty four year old rapper as Scott was able to deliver his sound exactly how he wanted to. Unlike Rodeo, Scott managed to generate a mood that was consistent throughout the entire album.

With “Birds” Scott solidified his role as the “king of trap music.”

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