Spanish Club invites students to upcoming events


Glendale Community College’s Spanish Club invites students to join them for upcoming events.

Oct. 6 the club will be hosting a movie day, Oct. 20 will be the Outdoor Olympics, Nov. 3 Día de los Muertos party, and Dec. 1 the club will be hosting an end of the semester party that includes another Outdoor Olympics.

Guiomar Borrás is one of the Spanish proffessors at GCC. Borrás is also one of the main leaders of Spanish club.

Spanish Club meets Thursdays from 3-5 p.m. at HU-111.

“Everybody is welcome to the Spanish Club” Borrás said.

The club will be showing the film Spare Parts on Oct. 6. The film was based in Arizona. Spanish Club will be offering pizza as well as cake and other additional snacks.

The Outdoor Olympics will consist of students playing Badminton and Cricket.

Spanish Club also has a tutor Emelda Ojeda who helps students with any Spanish work they do not understand. Ojeda also teaches how to make Flores de muertos. Those flowers are what some may leave at the cemeteries on Día de los Muertos, The day of the dead.

Spanish Tutoring is offered at the Center for Learning. Every Monday and Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. Also every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3 p.m.

Different tutors are available and hours may vary for certain individuals.

For students taking any Spanish courses Ojeda will be returning to campus on Nov. 17 to help students with any additional work they do not understand.

Spanish club invites students and all other clubs as well to join them on Dec. 1 for the end of the semester party that also includes the Outdoor Olympics.

Spanish clubs welcomes all GCC students to join and practice Spanish or to learn.

GCC offers a certificate in language to students who take four semesters of any foreign language offered.

“The certificate will help students when trying to find a job, or when transferring to a university” Borrás said. spanish-clubspanishclub2

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