Philosophy and Religious Studies Department hosts God and the meaning of life

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department hosted a panel discussion Oct. 18 at 1-3:30 p.m. in SU-104 D&E. God and the meaning of life was the topic discussed by Dr. Michael Valle, professor at Scottsdale Community College, Richard Klaus, Phoenix seminary, Spencer Hawkins, ASU philosophy student, and Peter Lupu, head of Glendale Community Colleges Philosophy Department.

Each participant in the panel discussion shared their point of views on what they believed the overall meaning of life is.

Dr. Michael Valle discussed how the overall meaning of life is for the soul to move towards its creator. Valle made a point in stating that although he is not part of a specific religion, religion may lead an individual to their overall purpose.

Valle also included in his speech that suffering in life must happen for a person to mature spiritually.

Richard Klaus, Masters of Arts in Ministry, Phoenix Seminary, discussed his beliefs on the meaning of life from a Christian point of view.

“The purpose of life is to glorify God and enjoy him forever,” said Klaus.

In Klaus’s argument he discussed how the meaning of life has three parts that pertain to it—Purpose, significance, and value.

Klaus believes the significance in human life has to do with humanity being valuable to God, while value has to do with humanity being part of God’s creation.

Spencer Hawkins, Philosophy student, gave the naturalistic point of view stating that we are the final judges of what we find purpose in. Hawkins believes we do not have to appeal to God to establish that life has a significance.

As a final point the panel discussion Peter Lupu spoke on Theism and the meaning of a whole life.

The panel discussion ended with the opportunity of students and staff who attended, to ask questions from any member part of the panel.

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