Phi Theta Kappa encourages students to get involved

Phi Theta Kappa students and leaders are inviting Glendale Community College students to their upcoming events.

Sign a pledge: Dollars for Donuts at the Club Fair in the SU Aug. 30-31. Play to win: Cash Cab at random campus locations Oct. 17 and Nov. 17. Learn from the experts: Financial Literacy Workshops Oct. 25 at SU-123 ABC at 3 p.m.

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honors society of two year colleges and academic programs. Specifically community colleges and junior colleges. The organization helps recognize students for their academics and helps to develop leadership skills.

“Phi Theta Kappa has given me the courage to embrace change and it has given me the courage to try things that I haven’t” said Marrissa Johnson VP of Public Relations.

The Cash Cab event will consist of students selecting other random students and asking questions about financial literacy while also distributing prizes.

Phi Theta Kappa has been around for almost 100 years. GCC established Phi Theta Kappa on its campus 50 years ago. Its 50th Anniversary was just celebrated Sept. 19. on GCC’s main campus.

“The mission of the organization is to recognize academic achievement and encourage students in the good job that they’ve done academically” said Pam Hall.

In order to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa you must have completed 12 credits in classes 100 or higher and a GPA of 3.5.

Another point of Phi Theta Kappa’s mission is to provide opportunities for the development of leadership skills and for likeminded students to encourage one another to engage in various activities socially and intellectually.

There are around 1300 chapters spread throughout the world. Most in the United States.

GCC for the last couple of years has been one of the top three chapters in the state of Arizona.

Phi Theta Kappa gets engaged with different projects each year. This year the group is involved in a college project and also an honors in action project.

The college project is about financial literacy and educating students on its meaning. Teaches students about how to effectively manage their money.

Phi Theta Kappa has been able to sign the entire GCC campus up for a free online resource called CashCourse. CashCourse teaches how to learn the basics of saving, spending, and managing finances more effectively.

The source is available to all GCC students. Phi Theta Kappa welcomes all students to participate in events whether they are members or not.

“Phi Theta Kappa can provide an encouragement for students who don’t yet meet the GPA requirement” said Pam Hall. Phi Theta Kappa consists of an encouraging group of students that will help others benefit when getting involved with the organization.




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