GCC offers the chance to study China abroad

By: Michael Nguyen

Credited by: Michael Arbizo, The Voice Reporter
Credited by: Michael Arbizo, The Voice Reporter
Credited by: Michael Arbizo, The Voice Reporter
Credited by: Michael Arbizo, The Voice Reporter

Traveling the world can be exhilarating and a life changing experience. Studying abroad can be extravagant, but this program offers students and enrolling students a chance to study overseas at a more reasonable price.

“This is perhaps one of the best way of learning a foreign language. When you are in the country 24/7 and you can actually speak the language with the native speakers and practice the language with your classmates. Nothing, nothing compares to that,” Professor Belgica Winemiller said.

“One of my most memorable experience was the fact that I was able to learn in four weeks what I have not learn in about a year in a normal classroom. Because everything is accelerated and everything is just impressive. I think the energy level of the people, the food, the experiences with the students from Renmin. It was just one of those experiences that nothing can compare,” Winemiller said.

Professor Winemiller and Professor Patty Pang listed steps to follow for studying abroad in Beijing, China in 2017. One of the main step is to enroll at GCC and get an ID number at the Maricopa website. If a friend or a sibling wants to tag along that is a minor, they need a legal guardian during the trip.

There will a five week tentative schedule. The schedule will be a full set schedule, but there will a lot of fun and adventurous things to do that will make the experience worth it.

Another step is fill out the application and submit the application online. A further step is to get a recommendation form filled out by a GCC faculty that is found online. Keep in mind that applying for scholarship is optional, but highly recommended for the trip.

One of the most important step is to acquire a passport. Normally takes up to six weeks to receive a passport. Another step is to wait and get an approval from the international Education Office. There will be a notification from Ms. Leonor Carrasco, who is the Director of the Global Education Services.

Another important step is to pay for the deposit of $250 by Feb. 1, 2017. The deposit goes towards the programs fee. The deposit is not refundable after April 17, of next year. The program fee for studying abroad is $3,204. One of the last step is to attend one required orientation session on May 13 of next year, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The next informative meeting will be hosted next month, Nov. 18, at the HU 111 at 1:00 p.m. to 2 p.m.

For any further information about studying abroad, please contact Professor Winemiller, which can be found on the GCC official website.

“I want to say to you if you can save the money and come along with us, do it. This is an experience that you will not be able to match and the way we do it is because we have Professor Ping. Who has a connection with the university for the past 22 years. She is the best. In China, everything is about connection and friendship and she has developed that connection for the past 22 years. So imagine how many good things she can get,” Winemiller said.

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