Trump vs. Hillary, Election Day is near

By: Michael Nguyen

Election Day is right around the corner and it is time to vote for either one of the upcoming candidates, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Both nominees recently had their fair share of debates these past consecutive weeks, ending the last one on, Oct. 19.

According to BBC News, Democratic nominee, Senator Clinton is in the lead with 50 percent and Republican, Trump with 44 percent. Senator Clinton and Trump are among the top candidates, besides the small nominees like, Dr. Jill Stein and Senator Gary Johnson who are independent and third party in the nomination for presidency.

Although the other two nominees are below the percentage of Trump and Senator Clinton, the other two candidates Stein and Johnson can help carry out votes between the main candidates, in a near race towards the end. Stein with a 2.4 percent in the poll and Johnson with a minuscule increase of 7.4 percent, according to Real Clear Politics.

Senator Clinton currently has raised an amount of $646 million so far across associated committees as of Sept. 30, leading her ahead Trump by $386 million, stated by Inside Gov.

According to Inside Gov., Senator Clinton still has $59.7 million in money left to spend in her occurring campaign committee making it $24.9 million higher than the money remaining for Trump’s campaign.

With the debate discussing important issues such as individual rights, domestic issues and economic issues, Trump was more conservative than Senator Clinton while she was liberal. With defense and international issues, Senator Clinton and Trump were both classify as being the same liberal, stated by Inside Gov.



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