VERVE Dance Company invites students to audition



VERVE Dance Company is inviting students to audition for spring 2017. Auditions will be Tuesday, Dec. 6 from 4-6 p.m. at FC 101 Dance Studio.

The audition will consist of ballet, modern, and jazz dance combinations in addition to improvisation.

Dancers are expected to attend in appropriate audition clothing—snug-fitting tops and bottoms in a solid color or black, hair pulled back or off the face, no jewelry, etc.

It is preferred by Dance Program Director Rebecca Rabideau that dancers arrive early to fill out paperwork and warm up.

“Dancers are encouraged to audition even if they feel like they are not quite ready- it is good experience,” said Rabideau.

Interested dancers are expected to have some dance experience but it does not have to be in any specific style or genre. Students do not have to be currently attending Glendale Community College. If accepted students will have to register for DAN 150 Dance Performance.

The audition will begin with a ballet barre, then moves into two movement combinations taught by dance faculty. Dancers will also be expected to participate in creative and improvisational dance exercises.

“Being a member of VERVE Dance Company requires quite a commitment from students,” said Rabideau.

Company rehearsals are two hours twice a week, and there are also weekend and evening rehearsals and choreography intensives.

The company performs both at GCC and at outside venues such as the Arizona Dance Festival.

GCC dance concerts, held in the fall and spring are produced in the Performing Arts Center.

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