Popular holiday events around the Valley

img_0423In Glendale there is a tradition during the holidays. The event is well known all over the valley and many come far and wide to head over to historical downtown Glendale for Glendale Glitters. It is a tradition no one can pass up and there are events for the whole family. There are new traditions starting up around the valley now. WestGate is a perfect example, since now they are adding more festive event for the family. An other is CityScape in downtown Phoenix that started to catch up. These places promote the people of Arizona to go out with their families and spend time as if we were like the other states filled with white snow. It gives the children an experience that fills them with joy and throws more excitement at night in the valley.

Glendale Glitters: The old town of Glendale has been doing this for many years now. It is a free for all event going on from Nov. 25 to Jan 7.

With 1.5 million LED lights shining up downtown Glendale, it is a remarkable sight to see with family members, on a date or even just a night out with friends. There are food vendors, activity for the kids such as a snow hill to play on, inflatable bounce houses, and face painting. On certain nights there is live music or performances by groups or schools. There is so much the Glendale community gives and it helps out the local shops there get more holiday business. The history, the lights and the fun filled events are just enough for the people of Glendale to come down and enjoy a night at Glendale Glitters.

WestGate:  Another place in Glendale that has gained popularity over the years is WestGate. Usually it is more or a bar a restaurant area for older adults and teens. Now they added for more family oriented activities. Which is a huge Christmas tree, a place to meet Santa, an ice skating rink, and it now snows. Not to mention starting Nov 25 to Dec 24 the will be adding free horse carriage rides from Friday-Saturday at 5PM to 9PM. There are lights on other trees for decoration and Christmas music rings through out the area. It truly can be a winter wonderland over at WestGate.

CityScape: In the downtown area of Phoenix the city is in lights, especially in CityScape, which is a small plaza area filled with restaurants and stores. There they have put in a huge Christmas tree and the tree looks over an ice skating rink where you can skate with the family or even out with friends. It is a fun little area that is just starting out, Not many people know of this place. Now knowing it existence why not enjoy the area by going ice skating and enjoying the local restaurants. Yes the rink will only last until the holidays end but there will always be new discoveries added at CityScape.

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