Students delve into philosophical theories with Peter Lupu

pschyology1The student union is used by the students of GCC everyday. Students always seem the flock there like a watering hole, is it because of the sitting area and the tables they can used to study? There is a great coffee stand, and the cafeteria is popular. Also the gaming room is filled with students. No matter what each student seems to find themselves there and uses it regularly. It’s filled with a number of not only students but teachers. These teachers come in get coffee talk to students but always end up leaving back to their office.

To Peter Lupus it is seen as an opportunity to connect to the students. Lupus has been working at GCC for seven years now and starting this semester and next semester in spring 2017 he will put up a sign that says “The philosopher is in, let’s talk” in the student union. There Lupus will be able to take philosophical questions like the meaning of life or other philosophical questions and strike up a conversation.

The schedule will be from Monday- Wednesday starting at 10AM to maybe 1PM. It all depends on Lupus’ schedule since he is the head chair of the philosophy department. Lupus wanted to make as much time as he can for the students. “Curiosity drives the mind” Lupus said during a small interview. “The faculty just says in their office and wait for their student to come up to them, which they never do but here in the student union, the students can just come up very simple and create a better connection.” Lupus said when asked why does he come here.

In the future Lupus wanted to add more than just an easel with a sign on it. Zachary Taylor the student president of the philosophy club for two years suggested a chess set so it can attract more students to see what is going on. Taylor will join Lupus as much as he can, so it can influence more students to come up to them.

Lupus also runs a annual event called “God vs. Truth” and in the event he and other philosophers and religious figures talk about their points of view on questions that the students give them. The next show date has not been release yet. However Lupus states that he is almost there with the topic they are going to talk about next time.

Lupus encourages the students to come and join him to talk about anything that comes to your mind, whether it is a small questions or something on your mind that is hard to grasp, Lupus will have an answer for you. “If you see the sign come on in and ask questions” Lupus stated. This is a small the event that wants to get a better bond with the students so do not be afraid, let curiosity take over.

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