Video students seek academic support for campus media club

By Harper MacNeill

The Video Production department is forming plans to start a new media club on the GCC campus. The department, tucked inside the High Tech 1 building, is one of GCC’s best kept secrets. There, clustered around an old TV studio is a small but vibrant video production technology program.

The goal of the proposed media club is to open different forms of media production to students. Several ideas have been floated for the club such as allowing students to make music videos for area bands and working with other department like Language and Digital Arts to develop video for classes.

“I have even thought we could combine our talents with the music engineering department and make music videos,” says video teacher Scott Pfister. “I have often thought we could make the club resources available to other the teachers and students of departments.”

The possibilities would be endless to say the least.

Most students are unaware that GCC once had it’s own TV station. If the school could resurrect the media club, they could run a TV station for GCC once again. What if the school could broadcast our own sporting events? Women’s Volleyball has gone to the championships, but few on campus knew it. But regularly broadcast sports events would change all that.

The media club could also video tape student tryouts so that our graduates who want to go on to other schools would have access to top quality DVDs to give to university scouts. Why stop at sports? Why not a have news talk show? Or better yet tape original plays and GCC arts events like art shows dance recitals or even stand-up comedy shows? “Students come to GCC to learn new skills. Many of them hold down full-time jobs and come to school hoping to better their lives.” says Pfister.” “I’d really like to see that get going again,” he says. “There was a video club here at GCC in the 80s but it fell by the wayside.”

The reason the club fell by the wayside is that there was no full-time faculty member in the department. With no full time faculty there here could be no full-time faculty advisor. No full-time faculty advisor, no club. It was a vicious circle. That all changed this summer, when Video Production was merged into the Art Department and Brendan Reagan was made head of the department. “Brendan is a young guy and already things are changing,” says Pfister. “Several of the pods down in the pit at HT1 will be prioritized for VPT students now. With the advent of Youtube and Vimeo everything has changed. This is a new phenomenon and the VPT department is striving to make our graduating students current with the technology of the times. We want them to be cutting edge in video production.”

If you would like to know more about forming a media club, please contact Harper MacNeill at avendui@gmail. com. If you would like to know more about video production classes contact Wayne Bruno at the Video Production Technology department at (623)845- 3494.

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