Fear Farm brings festive scares

By Mark Sesma

It’s late September and it’s time to start getting into that Halloween spirit so you know what that means, the famous Fear Farm is open for business. If you’re into the scary and gory part of Halloween then Fear Farm is the place for you.

Fear Farm is a huge corn field made up of five different, yet very haunting, and scary haunted corn mazes. The different haunts are called Toy Factory, Decimation, Condemned, Apocalypse, and Chain Saw Mayhem.

Talking from firsthand experience, I can tell you that none of these haunts are disappointing anyway. Now I do advise that Fear Farm is not for the weak of heart, it will have you on pins and needles from the moment you enter the first haunt until you are walking back to your car in the parking lot.

To top it all off what better to calm your nerves after being scared then to munch on some good fair like food. Fear Farm would be a great experience for any thrill seeker, and would be fun to bring your not so brave friends.

Some important things to know about Fear Farm are that it’s only going to be opened from Sept 23rd until Oct 31st (Halloween night). Also it is only open Thursday- Sunday. On Thursdays and Sundays it hours of operation are 7:30pm-10:00pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30pm- 12:00am (midnight).

For those who are not brave enough to handle the haunts feel free to sit outside the haunts and still enjoy the food, and some of the dead zombies walking around. I would highly recommend Fear Farm to everyone over any other Halloween seasonal attractions. It is definitely worth the money and the scare.

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