Book Review: ‘The Timekeeper’

by Leah Myers

“The Timekeeper” by Mitch Albom tells the stories of three characters simultaneously.

A young, shy girl wants time to stop completely. An elderly CEO who has fallen terminally ill wants his time to stretch on forever. A young man from a time when everything was simple is cursed during the fall of the tower of Babel. All of these seemingly unrelated plots twist together into one single story.

The Timekeeper, By Mitch Albom

Albom’s “The Timekeeper” is a short, simple read, which for some readers could be completed in under a day. Overall the language is easy to understand and the book takes on an artistic flow through its pages.

While it may not consistently hold attention it will most likely create an interest in what comes next. The book has an overall easy to understand feel in its pages, which may lead some readers to believe it is too simple or boring to be a worthwhile read.

However, “The Timekeeper” leaves the reader with a subtle sense of change and wonder after completion. For some students it may call attention to hours wasted in front of a television set, or days spent crying over unrequited love.

In others the novel may provoke a sense of bitterness, causing them to wish they had never seen or come to understand a clock.

Overall, Albom’s novel, while being a quick read that many might skim over, is most likely to be a book open to individual interpretation. This novel seems to relate directly with the reader in one certain way, and the reactions to that can vary greatly.

While being on the short side for a novel, “The Timekeeper” still manages to create a meaningful and possibly touching story within its pages; with characters a reader can develop opinions about and a plot that generates interest.

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