Traveler seeks contributors

By Abigail Martinez

Every year GCC, in coordination with the English and Art Departments, publishes The Traveler. It is a student magazine that features artwork and literature of current GCC students. The Traveler is published by the school annually. Every new issue comes out during the spring semester. The magazine features GCC student’s sculptures, paintings, and drawings; also, literature in the form of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and one act plays. For the 30 year anniversary of the magazine, there are plans for a gathering of past staff members and students who participated in the magazine, as well as past work that has been published. At the moment, these plans are still prone to discussion according to Kathleen Furlong, literary faculty adviser. Traveler staff members and GCC students decide what art and literature will be sent to the jurors. The panel of jurors consists of faculty members and community members who volunteer to donate their time to the magazine. The monetary awards given to winners are: $50 dollars for first place, $25 dollars for second place, and $ 15 dollars for third place. The awards are presented to the winners during the month of April at Student Recognition Day. Students also have the chance to enter their work in the District Creative Writing Competition from the district office, “Traveler deadline is usually at he same time,” says Furlong, “the forms are available next to the Traveler forms. It’s a nice way to be able to get published, your are a publish author, you work is in a book, it provides a channel for the creative side.” Students can submit up to five entries, the forms can be found in the 05 building, deadline is Nov. 5. The magazines are all over the campus, they can easily be found in the English Department lobby. The magazine has received many prestigious awards through the years. In 2003, it received the Gold Medal by Columbia Scholastic Press Association and design; also receiving in 2002, third place by the Community College Humanities Association in the Southwestern Division. If any student is interested in being part of The Traveler staff, contact Kathleen Furlong.

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