Faculty exhibits artistic talent

By Lucia Canales
An overpowering variety of talent gathers and one by one the Art Department puts forward their work in a faculty art exhibit. The annual exhibit displayed works representing various media with an endless amount of talent. The faculty show represents the diversity of the Art Department, in terms of the people that are teaching both the two dimensional and three dimensional disciplines, said Sharon Forsmo. Painting, drawing, photography and mixed media are the strengths of the show. The annual exhibit serves as an instrumental tool for both students and faculty members. Darlene Goto expresses herself through watercolor. This technique involves the use of any paint that uses water as a medium. Paintings done in this medium are know as watercolors. Jennifer Bortz and Linda Ost displayed mixed media. Embossing, oil painting combined with drawings, etching along with hand coloring, and cast paper decorated with metallic lines all would qualify as mixed media pieces. Using more than one medium or technique defines this type of art work. “What’s interesting about being an artist is that you can go through a great upheaval and in the end they are not so scary. When you study art and pour yourself into it, it does open you up into so many possibilities,” said Forsmo. Acrylic has become widely used by artists; this term has become a generic term for any synthetic paint medium. Known for its outstanding optical clarity, light stability, adhesion, brilliance and transparency, acrylic works are perfect examples of what different mediums can bring. This is a good range of faculty, from the young artist to the more senior faculty.

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