Change is Good?

By Gabriel Ramiro Cruz

While some of the students are returning for another semester here at Glendale Community College, other students are new to this campus. This semester will be full of changes for everybody. For some it is coming to a new school, for others, it was the shock at the increase of tution.

The Voice is also currently going through its own revolution. Changes in the Voice include new Editors, a new Advisor, and a new layout look of the newspaper.

Some things have not changed though. The editors are still committed to assist the next set of journalists past the tidal waves they will encounter on a daily basis as members of the media, constituents of most despised profession in our country.

Members of the Voice are some of, if not, the hardest workers on this campus. They must be the eyes and ears for the students. These students brainstorm ideas, type out stories, mold the pages and deliver the newspaper. They don’t get paid for any of it either. The new Voice staff has the dedication and made the commitment to improve the visibility of student related news and activities on campus. We want to provide you with stories that are not being told elsewhere. We hope to enlighten each of you with insightful information about your campus.

Please continue to read and support the Voice. We will also welcome feedback, so don’t be afraid to let us hear your voice.

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