Coffee on the go–Yes or No?

By Emily Csukardi

The world of coffee is changing with a little blue and gray building on the side of the road to prove it.

Since the opening of Dutch Bros. Coffee on 83rd Avenue and Thunderbird, Glendale residents have discovered the perks and differences of the drive-through coffee experience.

“Since it is a drive-through, it is convenient for a commuting student,” said Brooke Preuss, Maricopa Community College student and café barista.

Dutch Bros. takes a literal approach to coffee on-the-go, as it is only a drive-through rather than a place to sit down and enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

Rob Dilday, a six-year barista and coffee enthusiast, feels that drive-through coffee shops take away from the traditional coffee experience.

“To me, it shows how specialty coffee shops are presently changing,” said Dilday.

Dutch Bros. has a variety of drinks that most coffee shops have to offer.

They, of course, have brewed coffee along with classic flavored lattes such as mocha, caramel and white chocolate.

Progressing further down their menu, the customer’s eyes may catch onto other drink titles such as the “Double Torture” and “ER-911.” Sounds like a frightening cup of coffee? The Double Torture includes two extra shots of espresso, vanilla, and the company’s Dutch Chocolate blend milk.

The ER-911 is the kicker, with a total of six shots of espresso.

For the less risky, Dutch Bros. also offers smoothies, iced or hot teas, as well as Italian Sodas.

After trying it out with her friends and family, Preuss enjoys going to Dutch Bros. to order her favorite drink, the hot chai latte.

“It is comparable to Starbucks’ coffee pricing, which I find to be reasonable. The coffee is of a good quality, too,” Preuss said.

Dutch Bros. seems to pride themselves in quick and efficient service, with a friendly group of baristas working hard in close quarters.

If ever crunched for time but in need of a pick-me-up, time spent in the drive-through line should not be more than a few minutes long.

To those such as Dilday who are immersed in the world of serving coffee to café dwellers, the idea of a quick on-the-go coffee experience strongly opposes the comfort of spending a day in a local café’s with a book and coffee in hand.

“The fact that it is only a drive-through undermines the entire idea of a coffee shop, which is ultimately about community and socializing,” Dilday said.

For students, Dutch Bros can be the ideal stop for a quick pick-me-up. For avid café-goers, the drive-through experience may neglect the aspect of community.

“With drive-through coffee shops, it no longer stands as the ‘third place’ to go for people to spend time. It’s less for the experience of coffee, and more for convenience purposes,” Dilday said.

Whether or not you enjoy the full café experience, Dutch Bros. can be the place to go when on a tight schedule. They are open from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Next time you find yourself tired after a long night of studying, Dutch Bros. may prove to be the quickest way towards caffeine-induced success.

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