Recording artist Cameron Davison busts into the hip-hop industry

by Sergio Hargrow

Local Arizona man and former Glendale Community College student Cameron Davison has been pursuing his dream to become a rap artist. Cameron was born in New Mexico, but has been in Arizona for the last 20 years and is proud to represent AZ in his music.  He comes from the Maryvale area in Phoenix and was a graduate of Alhambra High School.

“I one day hope to reach and inspire people all over so I can live on forever, whether it’s through my name or music,” Davison said.

Image courtesy of Cameron Davison/Contrack Ent.

Cameron is a family man who loves and enjoys creating music, he performs on stage by the name of Boogeyman and is in the process of releasing his album called “I’m Home” which drops mid November.  The album can be found on or their website  The album “I’m Home” is being released by Davison’s record label Contrack Ent, which is a family owned record label and business created by Cameron (CEO) and his cousin Gary Cox (GM).

Gary Cox (Aplaya DaDoc) is a former Glendale Community College student and athlete also.  Gary was on the Gauchos football team in 2005 when GCC won their last National Championship. Since leaving GCC, Gary has been working hard at creating his music and to make it publicly for everyone to hear.  Cox is also fro the Maryvale area of Phoenix, and has been doing rap music for nine years now.

“My style is very witty, catchy, funny and easy”, and “ I am inspired by life experiences, money, sick beats, and love when I create my songs,” Cox said.

While working on Boogeyman’s album “I’m Home,” Cox has also been working on his own album, “How to be Aplaya,” which he hopes to release in 2013.

Contrack Ent, which is a combination of Contract and Track (music track) has been an Arizona name for the last five years and has been recognized by local hip hop magazine Inner City. They have a few artists right now, but are always looking for more talent, and are always willing to hear someone’s music.  The artists that are currently with them are Cameron (Boogeyman), Gary (Aplaya DaDoc), Tazzy G (Cameron’s brother), and Chris (ExoTheMC).

Contrack Ent has produced two music videos already, called Victim and The Contrack, which can be seen on YouTube.  They are also in the process of putting the finishing touches on two more videos.  If you go to YouTube and subscribe to the Contrack Ent page you will be able to watch those videos and learn all about the updates on their artists.  You can also check out some of the songs that they have created and placed on  Contrack Ent artists also creates songs with other local artists, and a couple of them are Been Cold, Bucceye Boney Bone, and IckoyKoi the Killafish (all stage names), who have their own songs on soundcloud also.  The newest song right now is called Spitter, which is a collaboration of 11 local artists and can be found on Soundcloud.

The Contrack Ent have established themselves as a mainstream musical entity in Arizona.  Many local artists have contacted them to be a part of their own songs to be produced.

Cameron, Gary, and all the other members of Contrack Ent have made it well known to the other musical artists in Arizona that they are hear to not only make it big for themselves and represent Arizona, but also cheer on and support any other artist trying to get recognized.

They are pushing the “Get Arizona on the Map” in the rap industry, needing all of AZ artists to get together and make this movement.

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