Gaucho Gamer: Carrie Nash

By Adrian Hudson

How far did you have to move to attend GCC? Some of us are out of town, or out of state, but we choose the college we attend for either its convenient location, or courses it offers. So what brought Sophomore Carrie Nash all the way from her Navajo reservation way up there in Kayenta, AZ? “To play volley ball,” Nash, who’s player # 10, says. “Glendale offers a full scholarship.” The half-navajo team player isn’t quite sure where she wants to transfer yet, but so far, she is majoring in education. Lisa Stuck, the gaucho’s volleyball coach, and Nash have been acquainted with each other since Nash was in high school. “I’ve known her since she was a sophomore in high school. I knew it would be a hard decision to leave home. It gives her chance to grow up a little bit.”

She has been playing volley-ball since the third grade, and is doing well this year at GCC. “She had kind of a slow start,” Coach Lisa Stuck says, “She’s been coming around the last few games. Since we hit the halfway point, I’ve seen a big change in motivation in practice.” The team’s goal for this year is to make the playoffs, and be in contention for the regional championship match. The team had a “really good start.” Quotes Nash, “Then we fell into a slump. But now, it’s starting to pick up again.” Why should we come and route on the volley ball team? “Just Come. Come check out the girls in their spandex.” Nash jokes. “Just come to enjoy the game,” Assistant Coach Uyen Kao tells of why people should come and cheer them on. “Just enjoy the game, and see what it’s like. Over all, it’s for the enjoyment you see out of the game. It’s contagious”

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