GCC spiritline tryouts attract 20 hopefuls!

By Gabriel Cruz


Those were the chants heard in the GCC Student Union on a recent Saturday morning, as approximately 20 students tried out for the GCC Spirit Line, which is virtually unknown on campus.

Kari Kratchman, who is in her third year as Head Coach of the Spirit Line at GCC was hoping more students would have attended. Sophomore Jonnika Bailey, who is a nursing major here at GCC, and one of last year’s captains, assisted Kratchman in choosing the team for next fall.

Another GCC student and part time student at ASU, Nick Albert, whose major is secondary education, was also on the Spirit Line team last semester; he added, “These girls have a lot of potential, and it looks like we will see a lot of tumbling from them, but I’m here to also assist the guys!”

That’s right! Men also tried out for the Spirit Line.

Tommy Flores, a senior at Cortez, wanted to try out at GCC, instead of another college in the surrounding area, because of the Student Law Enforcement Program GCC has to offer.

“I originally joined cheer in high school for fun, but I hope to get more serious,” commented Flores. “This will be my beginning step for one of my goals. I hope to someday be a National Cheer Association Instructor, but if not, I can always be a police officer.”

The Spirit Line is not just a combination of enthusiasm, coordination and fitness; a dance routine is also involved. Jesus Valdez had much trouble with the dance routine.

“I just can’t dance, but I know I can physically do other things these girls can’t do, such as partner stunts and tumbling,” claimed Valdez.

Valdez added he chose to try out at GCC because he had learned of the nationwide reputation of the Fire Science Programs the college is known for.

“I want to be an NCA instructor like Tommy, but if not, I hope I am physically fit to be a fireman,” Valdez commented.

Many of the women waited outside the building as they tried out individually in front of a panel of judges.

“We didn’t know what to expect. We know we messed up, but we kept smiling and we gave it our best shot,” said Sabrina Vest and Nichole Wahl, two very good friends from Deer Valley, who were supporting each other.

“I was nervous, I can’t believe that almost caused me to forget the routine and cheer,” shouted Ashley Florence, a student at Cactus.

“This semester will be more challenging. I hope to go to ASU and do this, but if I don’t make it, I still would like to do something with the Spirit Line or cheer,” mentioned Tiffany Goss, a psychology major, who was also member of the team from last semester. Goss also hopes to take a leadership role this semester.

Kratchman mentioned to the students at the tryouts that she had other students who still needed to try out who couldn’t make it that day. Since not everyone who tried out could make the Spirit Line, she encouraged everyone who tried out that if they didn’t make the cut this year, not to be disappointed. “We want you to come back! Don’t give up.”

Good Luck to those who tried out!

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