Locks of Love event brings compassion on Valentine’s Day

By Emily Csukardi

Glendale Community College students bid farewell to their long locks this Valentine’s Day through the Locks of Love event held at the GCC Center Mall on Feb. 14.WEBDSC_0065

Heart-shaped decorations and painted signs covered the outdoor patio where two hairdressers worked hard on cutting and styling the hair of gracious donators.

“Students were shocked to see how short their hair was, but they were happy to see that what they did was for such a good cause,” said Frankie Candia, Vice President of M.E.Ch.A.

Hosted by GCC’s Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A) club, the Locks of Love event involved students in donating their hair to children suffering from medical hair loss.

For M.E.Ch.A., the Locks of Love event proved successful in involving the GCC community in promoting a meaningful cause.

More than 20 people signed up to donate at least 10 inches of their hair, while various walk-ups also joined in on the cause.WEBDSC_0129

Del Berkus, one of the first few students to chop off their long locks, had been planning to donate for many months.

“I feel so brave,” said Berkus.

Berkus, one of the first donators of the day, had a smile on her face throughout the haircut session.

Amongst those with long hair, both males and females stepped up to the hair cutting station. Onlookers watched as the hairdressers chopped off their ponytails and the donators smiled in excitement.

By the end of the event, M.E.Ch.A received a total of 22 hair donations.

For M.E.Ch.A, this special event required months of collaborative planning and motivation to organize the two-hour event.

“I’ve been planning this since October, and we got rolling on this in December,” said Candia.

To spread the word, ME.Ch.A sent out notifications to students and began the process of getting students involved in donating their hair.

“At first we only got one or two [participants]; it was really slow. As we started promoting and throwing the event out there, we started getting a lot more people,” Candia said.

As the club drew closer to the event, more students began to join in on participating.

“Within the past two weeks, we had doubled our number of participants, ” said Candia on the day of the event.

After experiencing the success of the club’s first Locks of Love event, M.E.Ch.A plans on hosting the event each semester on campus for GCC students to participate in.

Having more people donate to Locks of Love is one of the many goals for the club.

M.E.Ch.A is “focused on promoting the Latino education and also to have a higher success in education and graduating,” said club member, Ricardo Bernal.

The club is honored to have met their hope of success with the event, as said by Candia. For students wanting to say “So long!” to their lengthy locks, they will have the opportunity to donate to Locks of Love in the upcoming semesters.

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  1. Locks of Love is simply best for helping long term medical hair loss suffers. I have a friend, who shared his 10 inches of hair and feel so proud ever time he thinks about it. I wish I will someday donate my 10 inches of hair

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