Asian community celebrates Lunar New Year on campus


              Asian Lunar New Year and Rooster events are come up in one celebration
The Asian community celebrated its New Year at Glendale Community College on
February 13, 2017. The special for this Lunar New Year is come up with Rooster Day. The event
was located at the Student Union 104 E. It will be start on Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
              Lunar New Year celebration activities will include Dragon Dance, Significance of the
Lunar New Year, Songs in Mandarin and Cantonese, Jumping Rope, Dancing, Traditional
Dancing, Chinese Dancing, Martial Arts Demo, Fortune God and Fashion Show also Traditional
Chinese Painting.
              Dr. Bel Winemiller will be the Master of Ceremonies of the Lunar New Year celebration.
She is an instructor of Chinese and Spanish languages. Dr. Winemiller philosophies to make
Lunar New Year at the GCC to put all Asians such as Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese students
in one community.
              “Everybody is invited: student, faculty members and community-at-large,” Dr. Winemiller said. The Lunar New Year is like a combination of many American celebrations such
as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day and father’s Day in one celebration.
              Usually this even take about 15 days in Chain, but in the GCC will take about only one
day. Students and Teachers will have an opportunity to share in the Asian community event and
learn about what is the Lunar New Year and Rooster Day. During the event everyone will share a lot of food and gifts. In this celebration, Asian people yang or single both male and female
receive red envelope gifts.
              “It makes me very happy to see my students’ faces when they see the Fortune God act
during the celebration, and they receive a gift from him,” Dr. Winemiller said. Many students at
GCC came from different countries such as Vietnam, Korean, Japan, China, Singapore and
Taiwan. they are all share same event and they learn from their history by meeting each other in their events.
              GCC students and teachers who are from different culture can a chance to learn about the Asian celebration and tradition activities. They have an opportunity to meet other people from different countries and cultures. Asian community do many different things such as the way they eat and what they eat.
              Lunar New Year at the GCC’s purpose to bring all Asians students together and celebrate their celebration days. GCC also gives Asians an opportunity to represent their culture activities and language to other people and cultures.

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