Cupid’s here with chocolate, flowers & disappointment

by Jessica Snyder
Valentine’s Day. Ugh. Does the thought of it make anyone else cringe, or just me? I have been single for the dreaded V-day and I have been in a relationship. Let me tell you, I hate it either way.
As a single person, V-day is a reminder that you are alone. Let me clarify that I have no problem being alone; I am a very independent person with commitment issues (that is a whole different opinion article.)
However, there are certain moments in life that make you feel a little sad about being alone. The main two for me are the dreaded no one to kiss on New Year’s Eve and the hearts and chocolate holiday that is Valentine’s Day.
Co-workers have desks overflowing with flowers, stuffed bears, heart balloons and boxed candy. All the pink reminds me a little of Pepto Bismol as my stomach gets queasy from the looks I get as the only person with an empty desk. It is obvious to everyone that there is no love in my life. At least not a romantic love.
Friends head out on romantic dates for the evening while I scroll through my social media and see that the only people on are the other members of the lonely hearts club or those jerk friends of mine who want to boast about their awesome date, boyfriend, fiancé—you get the picture. This is about the time I grab my favorite red wine (fitting for the holiday) and catch up on episodes of Unreal.
Of course, there is the other end of the spectrum as well. Being in a relationship and having the Valentine’s equivalent of “keeping up with the Joneses.” Remember those desks overflowing at work? As much as the single girl is the biggest sucker of the day, the person who comes in number two is the one whose boyfriend did not go all out.
Maybe she just has a simple vase of roses. Why didn’t he get her more? Does her boyfriend not love her as much the others obviously do? When did we start to measure the value of a relationship by this holiday’s standards?
There is too much pressure for men to make their women feel wanted. There is too much pressure for women to be romance ready (this includes, but is not limited to, waxing, shaving, tweezing, plucking, using Spanx to look hot in that little red dress.) Then, there is the confusion on whether or not men want gifts too or if women are just supposed to be the receivers of these very corny and over-done presents.
At the end of the day, it was a lot of pressure for very little pay-out. Did you end up happier when you woke up the next day because you had six dozen red roses?
Did you wake up less bad-ass than usual because you drank wine and watched TV in all your single glory?
The honest truth of it all is that when Feb. 15 gets here, most people really don’t feel any different than they did Feb. 13. Just another day gone by, more calories consumed and flowers left to die.

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