Community health and wellness holds event on campus

By Adam Ibrahim

The Glendale Community College’s  Nursing Department, Fitness Department and Local Clinic staff  gathered outside the Student Union Friday, March 24 to celebrate the Community Health and Wellness event from morning through noon.

“This program is a great program. You can get your BA and RN at the same time. Also, it’s transfer to ASU,” Valerie T, a nursing student, said.

The event was an opportunity for each health department to talk about its new programs available to students and an opportunity for students to learn about other programs and how they work.

“Our goal in this event is to educate students about osteoporosis,” Valerie T. said. She then educated audience members about  issues. This event was very educational, Valerie T said. Young students need to know about osteoporosis disease and what they need to avoid osteoporosis when they become older. Valerie T explained how osteoporosis could affect old people and what type of vitamins people need to stay healthy.

“Our clinic, Arizona Life Chiropractic Center, offers discount and free assessment for GCC students,” Darla Reed, marketing director for Arizona Life Chiropractic Center, said. The ALCC is a local clinic who joined the community health and wellness event.

“Natural pain relief, if it does not work, it does not hurts you,” said, Reed. Natural pain relief has no side effect when suggesting exercise and stretching for pain management. GCC students who are suffering from neck or back pain can take the discount or free assessment as an opportunity to try natural pain relief therapy.

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