GCC’s colors run green ahead of Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, April 22, GCC  and the Green Efforts campus group held the 10th annual Dumpster Dive. This event was planned to help promote Earth Day and get a head start on cleaning Mother Earth. The event lasted about one hour on the lawn in the middle of campus.

Back in 2008, the first year GCC held this event the volunteers found that 40 percent to 45 percent of the garbage could have been recycled. Those numbers vary every year, but it just goes to show how much recyclable items are getting misplaced.

The event is simple, GCC gathers an entire day’s worth of waste and students sorts out all the recyclable items from the waste. It makes a huge difference in the long run. GCC is promoting Earth Day and also trying to teach the community sustainability and environmental awareness.

“Our annual dumpster dive brings attention to sustainability (broadly) and specifically our campus waste stream. When we held our  first ‘dive’ in 2008, there were no recycle bins on campus,” said Robert Reavis, Biology professor.

Masks and gloves were given out to each person who signs up. Participants will sign in and could be awarded extra credit for helping out.

In addition to the dumpster dive GCC has been committed to helping out the environment. In February 2010, former MCCCD Chancellor Rufus Glasper signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment to make all of Maricopa a carbon-neutral community.

The outcome of each year brings new confidence to GCC and its faculty. “Very happy with our success. We have had a huge effect on our waste stream, saving precious taxpayer money. At that same time, each dive brings campus-wide attention to issues of sustainability,” Reavis said.

GCC has gone out and gotten more recycling bins and put them all over campus. This event has made sure that students, faculty and visitors continue to recycle while on campus. Just by that little change, GCC has helped promote sustainability and taken a step toward a greener Glendale.

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