Fifty-first student art show is making waves

GCC’s Art and Humanities Department will be holding the 51st annual Student Art Show on April 17 through May 3 in the Student Union. The Student Art Show reception was held April 17, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

This exhibition is a good way for students from all over campus to come together and show off their artistic side. It is also a platform for students to let their families and friends see the work in action. Lastly, the community will be able to enjoy all the original artwork on display.

The Glendale community will get a chance to see all the artwork and creativity that GCC has to offer. Most of the artwork that will be submitted will be directly from Art and Humanities major students. That being said, there will be so many forms of art on display for anyone in the community to see.

“School is one of the best ways to learn and interact with art. Being surrounded by like-minded people and mentors will only push you to strive for your best work, and that is what makes art and its history so unique”, said Kyle Burkard, Art History major at ASU.

A good amount of the entries are from students in all sorts art classes on campus. Some of the art is from different class projects or art assignments given to students throughout the school year. That gives this art show a different element while showing off real in class art, and providing a great audience for the young and up-and-coming artists.

GCC has many different classes that help students get practice for the showcase. The classes include sculpture, ceramics, painting and much more. It is a All of these classes give the necessary skills to students to not only succeed in this art show, but give students skills that will be used their entire school career and lives.

The art faculty at GCC encourages its art students to strive for excellence in both the production of work and the fine art disciplines. They also encourage mentorship for the students as they refine and develop their own skills.

The artwork done by students within the exhibit will be judged by members of the GCC faculty. Participating students who place will receive a cash reward.

“Art is one of the best forms of expressing yourself, and truly gives artists a real platform to express their feelings. Art has and always will evolve, but the best art is timeless,” Burkard said.

Art Humanities courses show very big artistic, literary, and musical achievements in the culture of the world. These achievements are similar and reflect their social context on a historical, logical, and artistic way. The major and its courses put an emphasis on connecting the way humans express creativity to the foundation in various global cultures. This motivates and helps us understand what truly makes someone a human.

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