The International Student Club Relocates

The GCC International Student Club recently moved their meeting location from the
Student Union to the B-building, B-202. B building located near the GCC Bookstore. The
meetings start at 1 p.m. on some Wednesdays. Room B-202 is upstairs in the B-building. The
new room has enough seats and tables to fit between 20 and 25 members.

“The new place is good enough for serious meetings,” Mey Mengistu, the leader of the
International Student Club, said. The International Student Club staff leaders said that they
decided to move to a quiet location to make sure students are comfortable during the meetings.

The International Student Club has new activities planned for the spring 2017 semester,
including hiking, bowling, and ice skating. The group members plan to discuss more activities in the meeting. Each student can suggest additional activities. Students can suggest activities related to their hobbies such as sports, trips, or any creative activity.

The International Student Club will move back to the Student Union or the Math building
only for the events. The Student Union and Math building have very large rooms, suitable for
these types of activities. The staff members agree that the large rooms are better for the events.

The International Student Club events for this semester are a Chinese New Year
celebration, and trip to Northern Arizona University, where they are having a buffet for club
members. The club’s purpose for these activities is to keep the students with each other for a
long time to learn more about the colleges and life in College.

The International Student Club is for every GCC student. GCC has many international
students such as Africans, South Americans, Arabs, and Asians. The International Student Club
can make students close to each other, as they can have conversations and share their thoughts.

Students also can share food, drinks and cultural music. The students could attend every
club event like Chinese New Year and Arab World Festival. The International Student Club
brings students together and provides many different activities for club members.

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