Desert Swirl: A frozen treat to beat Arizona heat

One of the best places to go get some ice cream or frozen yogurt is Desert Swirl. Desert Swirl have a wide selection of ice cream and combinations to choose from. They have cones, shakes, smoothies and so much more delectable treats.

Right as you walk in, the fun ambience is felt. The employees are quick to ask questions to find out each customer’s favorite treat. They breeze through the lines and always know how to fulfill every customer’s desires. As a customer, it makes the experience better when the employees actively engage with everyone. At Desert Swirl they it down perfectly and make everyone feel welcome.

Desert Swirl has many normal and crazy flavors to pick. Some of the normal flavors they have are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. As for the crazy flavors, they red velvet, cotton candy, and even malted krunch. Desert Swirl also has a great variety of toppings to go along with the delicious ice cream.

Desert Swirl is a fun place to get a frozen treat especially in the Arizona heat. The wide variety of toppings and flavors make it a place that any ice cream lover needs to try.

Desert Swirl 4273 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053

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