International Student Club NAU Trip

Glendale Community College International Students Club took a trip to Northern Arizona University. GCC teachers, employees and students were all eligible for the trip and joined each other for the outing. The NAU trip is an annual day trip and was hosted in March 31. GCC provided transportation for students.

NAU invited Maricopa Community Colleges to participate in this annual trip, which is designed to educate and inform students about all of their specific NAU programs, organizers said. The trip gave students an opportunity to meet for the first time and to share in conversation with other Maricopa Community College students. NAU offers many programs for transfer students. They provided general education about their college, like their bachelor programs, their transfer requirements and their campus orientation.

“The trip was a success in that the students were exposed to transfer educational opportunities provided by Northern Arizona University,” Robert Zito, GCC student services specialist, said. Northern Arizona University is a big place for new visitors, Zito was a graduate from NAU, so it was a good chance for him to guide students and introduce them to the campus.

“It was an opportunity for those interested to register or transfer to NAU,” Zito said. Every student had a chance to attend the trip, so besides international students, there were two American students. It was about 12 students and most of them came from different countries.

“The information was helpful for people who want to go to NAU,” Ashly Meraz, Glendale Community College employee and student, said. It was a great trip with beautiful weather. “The students enjoyed Flagstaff snow,” Meraz said.

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