We the Collectors: Converting passion into music

by Stephanie Guzman

We The Collectors, started out around this time last year, but did not announce themselves until January.

For two months the lineup was unsure until the final member, Adam Ramey joined.

“By the time we had a full band, it was November, and then two months later we were in California playing our first show,” band member Tre Scott said.

We the Collectors practice in their rehearsal space. From left to right: Chucky Guzman, Tre Scott, Corey Matayabas, Adam Ramey, Daniel Hitchcock, and Joey Holiday. Photo by Stephanie Guzman

“We the Collectors. It’s like we’re a collection of different people from different bands…” said Adam Ramey, one of a six member vocalist’s part progressive, post-hardcore band.

The band currently consists of Adam Ramey and Joey Holiday doing vocals, Daniel Hitchcock and Chucky Guzman on guitars, Tre Scott on bass and keyboards and Corey Matayabas on drums.

“I started out with telling them all that it was going to be like a side project type of thing. I recorded some demos with some equipment that I had, and it went from there. They eventually just chose to make this their primary band, everyone quit their old one and here we are,” said Chucky Guzman, one of two guitarists.

The band began with practicing at a daycare center owned by Joey Holidays parents, but when his parents moved it became necessary for the band to find another practice space. Luckily, through the local music scene, they found Francisco Studios with monthly affordable rent.

Listening to the well rounded lyrics and full instrumental support, it’s difficult to compare them to another band. It’s all about balance and getting everyone’s ideas incorporated.

“We are six. If there is something that someone’s writes we’re not afraid to say that’s not a good idea,” said Joey Holiday.

When each song goes through multiple revisions, with practices lasting until six in the morning, it’s would be wrong to say this band lacks dedication.

“I think the main thing is passion. All of us legitimately care about the music that we write, and we’re all very passionate about music in general,” Scott said.


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