Have a blast with iFly indoor skydiving

By Denise Parker

Skydiving indoors at iFly Indoor Skydiving, located at 9206 E. Talking Stick Way in Scottsdale, is an amazing experience.

It is the chance to participate in skydiving by entering a vertical wind tunnel. Science, technology, and math are used to create a fantastic sense of free falling. Anyone age three and up is welcomed to sign up for a great adventure.

Photo Credit: IFly Indoor Skydiving

Signing up is available online for dates and times. Plan to arrive thirty minutes early for check-in. Once flyers are signed in, they go up the stairs or through the elevator to the next floor. In the center of the room is a tall chamber where an instructor and a flyer undergo the simulation of free falling. First time flyers are taken into a separate room where an instructional safety video is played. Lockers are provided for people to store bags, phones, and other items not permitted in the chamber. They provide a suit, goggles, ear plugs, and gloves. Closed toed shoes are recommended. For those who forget, the store provides a rented pair of black Vans.

Photo Credit: IFly Indoor Skydiving

Those registered at a certain time await their turns on a bench. Individuals fly indoors with an instructor for thirty seconds. Because of the intense wind, instructors use hand gestures to communicate to flyers. The instructor assists flyers with entering and exiting the vertical wind tunnel. At the end of each session, flyers and bystanders are offered a treat as the instructors demonstrate their amazing skills in free falling. Photos and videos of the incredible session are available for purchase.

The fantastic experience is for anyone looking for a good time.

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