Spring Fling carnival provides thrills

A mysterious carnival rolled into the grassy fields of Glendale Community College from March 14-17, providing rides and games for students and residents this spring break.

Towering rides, red and white striped food stands, and a colorful ferris wheel occupied the grassy area next to the south parking lot of GCC, where small amounts of families and friends were entertained within the authentic carnival atmosphere.

“It resembled the environment of a classic carnival, especially with so many rides and games to play,” said Negine Sekandari, Glendale resident.

One of which was the “Skyscraper 2000,” a fast, whirling ride glowing with multicolored lights. Others included a carousel, the spinning “Cliff Hanger,” and smaller children’s rides for both the adventurous and mellow.

“Some of the rides looked too intimidating! My friends and I went on the Ferris wheel, which was very fun and a little more relaxing,” said Sekandari.

The carnival was brought to the GCC campus by Royal West Amusements and Inland Empire Shows. These collaborating companies bring the traveling carnival to life with the help of a large staff and an open location.

Without much notice of the event to GCC students, the sight of a carnival, was mysterious to some.

“I had only heard about the carnival from my friend earlier today. She was driving by and saw the rides, so we went to check it out,” said Sekandari.

For those who attended the carnival throughout the four days, fewer people made it less crowded, resulting in shorter lines and minimal waiting.

Admission to the carnival remained free. Rides required around 3-4 tickets for carnival-goers to ride, and each ticket cost a dollar.

“The only disappointment of the carnival was the price of tickets. Each ride was aroun $4 to ride, which isn’t very inexpensive for young college students,” said Sekandari.

The event offered cheaper games, where one round was typically one dollar. Each game stand exhibited large stuffed animals and other traditional carnival prizes for the winners.

For the thirsty and hungry, beverages, hot dogs and snow cones were sold in the warmer March weather.

The spring event maintained the appeal of a traditional carnival, giving attendees an enjoyable end to their spring break.

“Despite the pricey rides, I did have a good time. It was a nice to have a carnival event in Glendale, and it was a great way to spend a spring afternoon,” said Sekandari.

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