Battling monsters in the student parking lot is a daily hassle

by Sharon Weltz

There are monsters among us. Have you encountered one?

They look like ordinary students but they have a dark side.

Among the 20,000+ wonderful students who share this great campus, there are a few we could all live without.

Perhaps you are familiar their work: Litter Monsters, Property Destruction Monsters, Profanity Monsters, Group Project Monsters and Parking Monsters.

Many Monster are skilled in several areas of mayhem.

Today I had the misfortune of crossing paths with a Parking Monster.

While driving up and down student parking in search of a space, I came across a student who was preparing to vacate a prime spot.

Nothing feels better than starting the day off with a great parking spot.

I stopped with my signal light blinking to indicate I was claiming that space.

As the vacating student backed out of the parking space, their car blocked my path.

They needed to straighten out their vehicle to drive past me.

While this was happening another driver pulled up from the opposite direction.

I waved to let this new person know I had claimed the parking space.

The new driver stopped for a brief moment, saw me waiting for the vacating car to clear the way, and took that moment to dart into the newly vacated space.

GASP! A dreaded Parking Monster took my space.

“Hey!” I shouted.

“What?” The driver said.

“You know ‘What’,” I said.

“If you think I am going to give you this space, forget about it. Go find another one.”

Words were exchanged.

I told her she was being rude. She told me I was fat. Both statements were true.

The reality is that we will encounter monsters throughout life.

You will find Monsters (unreasonable people) in the workplace, in the supermarket, the movie theatre and even living in our neighborhoods.

Why are these people so unreasonable or selfish?

Some were never taught good manners, some have no empathy for strangers, others enjoy the power trip they get by creating misery, and others are just hardwired narcissists.

Knowing what drives people to monstrous behavior offers little solace, as we are still stuck with them.

Reflecting on today’s Monster encounter I have resolved that, whatever the offence, in dealing with the situation I will try not to turn into a Monster myself.


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