Delve into spooky tales with Glendale Community College’s Literature Club

By Denise Parker

Glendale Community College’s Literature Club discusses short stories and poetry every Friday from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in the Language Arts Building in Room 107. The club is open for any student looking to explore captivating literature and meet new people.

In a meeting on Oct. 6, the desks were arranged in a circle so that everyone could be heard equally. The members were a diverse group with majors like computer programming, nursing, accounting, and engineering. The club was interested in reading spooky stories for the month of October.

Koren Rothchild, Andy Stevens, and Ryan Thornburg examine the short story.

They read “Hell Screen” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. The Horror short story followed an artist as he struggled with his commission to paint the horrific manners of Buddhist hell. Members of the group opened the dialog with opinions of what they found interesting. Because the short story was a foreign one, there was talk about similarities and differences between eastern and western culture. For example, while the color red is seen as passion and love in the west, in eastern cultures the same color is viewed as happiness or joy. The majority of readers believed that the plot was filled with unredeemable characters. Questions were also asked, like if the ending was justified against the protagonist. At times, the conversation steered off topic, but that exchange brought up subjects that members enjoyed, such as “Dragon Ball,” “Rick and Morty,” and “Tokyo Ghoul.”

Snacks were served at GCC’s Literature Club meeting Oct. 6

When asked about how this club is different from an English literature class, club members said that they serve candy every meeting. The atmosphere is relaxed. There is no mandatory note taking, essays to turn in, lectures to listen to, or grades to expect. The conversations are discussion based. They look into the author’s background and learn how the stories and the poems connect readers to real life.

Once the group reaches a conclusion for the current read, they shared ideas for what to read next. Members gave suggestions. If multiple entries are submitted, then the president or vice president will place the recommendations on their Facebook page for a vote. The short story selected for their next meeting on Friday, Oct. 13 will be “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe.

The group also held a discussion of a proposed budget. The bid would be sent to the student government for club funding. The money was planned for club shirts to include the logo design. There was also a talk for a banner. The outline was placed up for a vote. It passed with no opposition.

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