Japanese Culture Club Celebrates Festivals

by Denise Parker

GCC’s Japanese Culture Club hosted a Japanese Festivals and Holidays. The group talked and celebrated the Japanese culture with their art and music. Members convened on Fri., Nov. 17 at 1:00-2:00 p.m. in Humanities 101.

Students split into two groups as they listened to traditional Japanese festival music. They participated in two activities. One was an origami project, the art of folding paper into creative shapes and beautiful designs. Members turned a single sheet of square paper into a miniature Santa Clause. Club President Francisco Ayon guided them in the step-by-step process. He started this position in September.

Japanese Culture Club President Francisco Ayon explaining the steps in the origami project.


The second activity was painting traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre masks. Members shared dishes of paint, paintbrushes, and mixed media paper for their art. The front of the classroom had the projector screen down with the projector on. On the screen were masks designs that members could copy or draw inspirations to create their own. Each mask represented different characters. Emmy Gionson, the club’s treasurer, led this venture. She has been a member of the club for four semesters. This is her first semester serving as treasurer.

Students participating in the painting of the Kabuki masks.

When asked about what he liked about the Japanese Culture Club, the club President Francisco Ayon said, “Learning about the Japanese and its culture.”

GCC’s Japanese Culture Club also advocated for the Study Abroad in Japan program. Students can take a course and take a summer trip to Japan. For information about the program, visit GCC’s study abroad program page. The deadline to enroll is Mar. 15, 2018.

Their final meeting for the Fall Semester will be on Fri., Dec. 1 at 1 p.m. This meeting will be a pot luck. The group is looking for members to bring traditional Japanese dishes and desserts.

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