GCC student wins Miss AfriCaribe 2017, raises money for orphans in Cameroon

Sophomore, Ingrid Elom is the Miss AfriCaribe 2017 winner.(Glendale)

Many students attending Glendale Community College are from numerous backgrounds, and many are even international students who have accomplished great things. One such student is sophomore Ingrid Elom, who was recently crowned Miss AfriCaribe 2017.

Ingrid is originally from Cameroon and came here to the U.S. when she was only 14 years old.  She speaks English very well for someone only living in the U.S. for seven years, and her charming French accent is the first thing one notices about her.

On Nov. 5 she was recognized as Miss Africa Caribbean and also received a $500 scholarship from the Jabari and Amani Foundation. As the winner of the pageant, she also became the Ambassador for the Community Action Project(C.A.P.S.) which helps to raise money for impoverished people in Africa.

Many organizations, including the Arizona Caribbean Culture Foundation, helped sponsor the event that was held at the Mesa Arts Center. She was discovered through her Facebook page and prepared for three months for the pageant where she was judged on presentation, talent and interview skills.

After the fall semester Ingrid returned to Cameroon, where she was born. She had a warm homecoming and made several donations to an orphanage in her hometown of Yaoundé. Ingrid was interviewed on Horizon Africa television and was even featured in a segment on CRTV. She met many state officials who promised to help with her with future donation drives.

“Going back was emotional because many of the people I knew when I was younger came out to see me,” Ingrid said.

After graduating from GCC, Ingrid plans on pursuing a B.S.E. in electrical engineering and wants to return to her home country to help build infrastructure for impoverished communities.

Always the outstanding student, Ingrid is constantly improving her English skills. She wants to use her public speaking skills to help raise awareness for those struggling in Africa. Her goal for this year is to raise money for sick children and homeless people in her hometown. She even wrote a proposal for funding to bring electricity to areas of Cameroon that still do not have it.

Her generosity and endless amount of energy allow her work on several different projects simultaneously while maintaining a 3.7 GPA and holding down her job as a caretaker.

Ingrid is currently raising money for children in the Saint Teresa Obili orphanage in Cameroon.
to donate visit: https://www.youcaring.com/soeursmissionairedelaresurrection-1030187

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