Markiplier brings laughs to Phoenix

by Denise Parker

Famous YouTuber Markiplier performed at Comerica Theatre. His collaboration with other YouTubers came to Phoenix on Tue., Jan. 9. Their “You’re Welcome” tour was an improve show. The performance started at 9 p.m.

Markiplier is a YouTuber known for his amusing gaming commentary, hilarious sketches and boisterous personality. He engages his audience with his bright smile and loud voice. He has also partaken in dozens of streaming videos for charity. He has teamed up with others, including the number one subscribed YouTuber Pewdiepie, for his sketches and let’s play.

Markiplier “Your Welcome” Tour continues until March.

Markiplier, real name Mark Edward Fischbach, came to perform an improve show along with several other YouTubers. They included Wade, Bob, Ethan and Tyler. Dan was responsible for the music.

As the group originated from California, they greeted the public with favoritism about the warm Arizona weather. Their skits included “A Date with Markiplier”, a short musical, selecting a theme for the show, “Change” and a dance off.

“A Date with Markiplier” had the lead pick someone from the audience where he would sit down and talk. Shooting the breeze with the chosen fan gave the group information to play with for their short musical. Because the improve show was performed in the desert, the YouTubers had the setting for “Change” take place in the Old West. They asked the audience what dangers to be cautious of in the desert, and people said rattle snakes. The dance off had three rounds, and the loser would suffer the death penalty. Patrons were pulled out to join the group on stage.

Outside the Comerica Theatre, lines formed with people waiting in the light rain. The show was nearly sold-out. The audience ranged from middle school students to young adults. They hooted, cheered and laughed at the group’s antics. Fans were given paddles with a green and red side that portrayed the famous pink mustache.  These would help the crowd in voting for a winner for their acts. Markiplier won a couple. Ethan and Tyler won the others.

The show ended with a Q & A. Some fans asked for advice for starting their own YouTube channel. Others inquiries were more heartfelt. Markiplier gave his audience his usual video sign off and his outro music played.

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