Arizona Science Center give science and fun after dark

The Arizona Science Center hosted their monthly Signature Event. Science With A Twist is an event that is open for visitors 21 and older. Each month holds different themes where visitors can have fun while learning about science. This month was DC vs Marvel. The event was on April 28 and ran from 6-10 p.m. Admission was $12 for non-members and free for Members.

All four floors of the building were open. Visitors could see the All About Me on level one to learn about their bodies. There was also the My Digital World on level three that showed modern and past technologies that came for the digital age. There was a cash bar, music and live demonstrations. Additional expedition, like the Pompeii: The Exhibition, cost extra.

Activities gave visitors a chance to partake in science. (Phoenix)

A hands-on activity was given throughout the evening on level one. With the help of Arizona Science Center lab assistants, visitors had the chance to smash strawberries and see their content in a solution. The solution was a mixture of dish soap, rubbing alcohol and blue food coloring.

One special aspect featured a panel, “DC vs Marvel Talk.” The discussion was held in the Irene P. Flinn Theater. Guest speakers hailed from Grand Canyon University. They included Deborah Haralson, Bina H. Vanmali and Scott McCrea. Together, they ripped apart superhero films of any scientific inaccuracies. They showed clips from both DC and Marvel, which included “Justice League,” “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and many others.

The audience was engaged. They asked and answered questions. They also gave their inputs regarding science, comic books and movies.

A scavenger hunt was available for visitors to participate in. They were tasked to find all six pictures of Marvel’s Infinity Stones. Marvel’s Cosmic Entities created these objects that can give its possessor great power. These were hidden around the center. Participants were instructed to take selfies with each image and post them on social media. The winners would receive two tickets to a future Science With A Twist night.

A laser show was also held in the Dorrance Planetarium. The performance cost extra. Metallica was the choice for that night’s entertainment. Their songs included their many hits like “Master of Puppets” and “Nothing Else Matters.” During the show, colorful lasers hit against the dome screen, giving the audience a spectacular show to lights and music.

When the laser technician asked which comics company was better, the crowd widely cheered for Marvel compared to DC.

The Arizona Science Center also hosts other events like Night at the Science Center, Teen Science Scene, Summer Break Camps and Girls in STEM.

Upcoming Science With A Twist events will be held on Friday, May 4 and Friday, June 15. The themes will be Trek, War and Who II, a night dedicated to the renowned science fiction franchises, followed by Science at the Beach.

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