Gauchos football get arti-smoked by Artichokes

by Justin Pinzon

Editor and Chief

Gauchos running back Dexter Carter running for a short gain against Scottsdale Community College. Photo By: Marissa Laird
Quarterback Elijah Lorence throwing pass on second down for the Gauchos on Saturday Aug. 25 against the Scottsdale Artichokes. Photo By: Justin Pinzon

The year may be different but the product remains the same as the Gauchos were beaten, convincingly in their home opener, by the Scottsdale Artichokes, 52-27, Saturday, Aug. 25.

The Gauchos started out the game strong scoring the game’s opening touchdown, quarterback Elijah Lorence threw for 260 yards and threw for two touchdowns.

Jaared Beamon would be the main target for Lorence as Beamon would have 101 receiving yards on only four catches.

The Gauchos were held to only 88 total rushing yards in the entire game. Running back Dexter Carter would earn 34 of those 88 yards as well as quarterback Elijah Lorence would attain 30 rushing yards.

The Gauchos defense in the beginning of game stopped the Artichokes offense. Artichokes quarterback Kare Lyles would throw for 305 yards, threw for 2 touchdowns and one interception.

Gauchos cornerback DJ Charles recorded Lyles only turnover of the game. The Gauchos defense would hold the Artichokes to a score of 24-14 at the half.

The Gauchos defense would allow a total of 167 rushing yards in the game, 123 of those rushing yards from Artichoke running back Alec Wyble-Meza. Meza would also contribute two rushing touchdowns for the Artichokes.

The main issue of game however would be the amount of penalties in the game. There were around 30 penalty flags thrown in the entire game, 12 of those yellow flags would be thrown in the third quarter of the game.

“In that first quarter we had a couple of scoring opportunities, we turned the ball over, we muffed a punt, and then we give up a big play in the pass game, so those things happen and you lose momentum,” Gauchos head coach Mickey Bell said.

The next game for the Gauchos is a home game on Saturday, Sept. 1 against Mesa Community College. Kickoff begins at 7 p.m.

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