Los Quetzales builds comradery with outdoor fun

Los Quetzales, a Glendale Community College club, met on Oct. 18. The club held their meeting in Humanities-111 from 3-5 p.m. This is a club on campus that celebrates the Latin culture.

The meeting began with club leaders reading off the minutes from their last meeting. They also reviewed items on budget for approval from the Associated Student Government. Such items included T-shirts, highlighters and pencils. There was also talk about a trip to Spain. This may be offered for the Spanish 251 and 265 classes.

Clubs are a great way for students to socialize outside an academic setting. Once the official business was done, students were invited to the lawn north of the building. They spent the afternoon playing outdoor activities. These games included croquet, volleyball and beanbag toss. Snacks of fruit, cookies and bottled water were provided.

Los Quetzales learning and playing croquet in the desert sun. Photo by Denise Parker.

Los Quetzales offers the opportunity for students to learn, speak and listen in Spanish. Some GCC students are interested in the culture. Others have heard about their club from their Spanish class.

José Oregel is a GCC student and a club member. He is a sophomore studying Biology. He is also looking to earn a Certificate in Languages with an emphasis in Spanish. He had said that he likes Los Quetzales because he “likes to unwind.”

Los Quetzales members tossing beanbags and jokes to one another. Photo by Denise Parker.

Mary Justice-Ballesteros is president of Los Quetzales. She said, “I love the cultural diversity.”

She also said that she gets to know other people and culture.

Los Quetzales stand together in learning the Latin culture. Photo by Denise Parker.

Los Quetzales will have their next meeting on Nov. 1. They will be watching clips from Disney Pixar’s film “Coco” and discussing the holiday Día de Los Muertos. Translated as Day of the Dead, this holiday celebrates and remembers family’s ancestors who have passed away. This includes having an altar setup with pictures of deceased relatives and decorations like flowers and dishes.

Los Quetzales will meet on Nov. 1 and 29. They meet in HU-111 from 3-5 p.m.

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