Festival brings international flavor and talent

By Gerardo Yepez

The Japanese Festival came to Glendale Community College’s campus March 26 gave students a taste of the culture outside our nation. On April 3 and 4, GCC held its annual International festival. The festival offered a multitude of entertainment, music, and merchandise, which were open to GCC students and visitors.

“Glendale Community College always plan their events really well, and one thing I really like about it is that there always free and open to the public,” said GCC alumni student, Kyle Straight.

The types of different cultures represented at the International festival spanned from Irish, Japanese, African, Caribbean, Persian, Egyptian, to Latin demonstrations and other types of exhibits.

On the first day of the festival, GCC students were welcomed with live music. The Irish and Celtic traditional tunes were performed by Steve Colby of Colby Enterprises, Inc.

The Irish and Celtic tunes were followed by “Japanese Traditional and Modern Music,” “African Dance and Music Traditions.”

As the crowd took a break to indulge in the various food and merchandise stands, many of them came back with a smiles on their faces. The food and merchandise stands, of course featured great food among other things, received a healthy dose of business from GCC students and visitors.

“I’ve seen these trucks before, and they’re always packed and really popular, and the food always smells great,” said GCC visitor, Alan Verdugo.

After more exciting demonstrations, it seemed like the festival never lost a step as it picked up where it left off the next day and energized crowds early in the morning.

The second day drew a bigger crowd than the day before which had a modest turnout. As the Festival continued to attract more students to its tent, a lot of them decided to hang around and partake in the festivities.

The second day of the festival was an interactive one as well it entertained GCC students by letting them join in on the fun.

“The festival was amazing, the food smells great, but what caught my eye the most were the steel drums were my favorite,” GCC student Matthew Madison said.

The steel drums and reggae music were performed by Caribbean Zone.

A troupe of Egyptian Belly Dancing took to having GCC students in the crowd join them in dancing. Many of them got up from their seats and joined the dancers as they took to moving their bellies and shaking their hips.

“I really liked the dancing and would definitely recommend this to anyone, I love these [events],” said GCC student, Adrian Rosnell.

As the belly dancing was wrapping up, students and visitors came back to their seats and awaited the next wave of entertainment.

The “Mariachi Corazon de Phoenix” featured traditional Mexican music as well as giving a short lecture on the history of mariachi music.

As the International Festival was nearing the end of its festivities one last demonstration was brought on stage to energize the crowd one last time before they left.

The “Ritmo Latino” presented traditional salsa music from various South American countries. The festival last demo did not disappoint as the crowds were off their seats enjoying the music.

“I don’t know where they get these [performers] from but everything I’ve seen has been really phenomenal, I would definitely recommend this to anyone” said GCC alumni student, Kyle Straight.



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