‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’ has an issue with audience member

Adam Ibrahim/ The Voice

A lot of action and too many locations, “Mission: Impossible Fallout” jumps locations too fast and doesn’t give any context of what happens in the previous locations.

Even though the movie contains Hollywood star Tom Cruise, he is a little too old for fights, action or jumping on top of planes while on a moving runway.

All missions are out of the country; therefore, the movie shows various international locations such as the streets Paris, and the mountains and HAO Medical Camp of Pakistan.

Inside each location, it feels like a separate story because of how Cruise’s character starts the mission and ended it just like the way he likes it, there’s no outside challenges for Cruise’s character, it’s a movie!!!

Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt does many dangerous and physical scenes which is inappropriate for a 56-year-old Cruise! Some of his action scenes in reality, are improbable; for instance, a 30-40-year-old out running many young physically fit men.

Another example is when Hunt went to Paris and is stuck in an unknown area, surrounded by many police officers. In a second, Hunt jumped into a hole and then the movie cuts and in the next scene Hunt is on a small boat with his team!

In conclusion, this type of movie or style of movie should get old because it’s not interesting anymore.

Also, it’s inappropriate for Cruise especially with his age, this type of action could be work for a younger actor, but not for Tom Cruise.

The movie ended with no point or benefits, it just leaves one question, what is the message the movie should carry? The answer is no message whatsoever.

The movie’s music is loud and it take your focus away from the story. Especially if it is your first time watching a ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie like myself.

Depending on what city you are in the movie is still in theaters. If you are one of the lucky few who live in the Tempe area, then you can still see it in the Tempe Cinemas. The movie will be showing until Nov. 22.

If you do not live near Tempe, don’t worry the movie will be on digital Nov. 20, and on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Dec. 4.

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