GCC goes green for Earth Day

By Gerardo Yepez

In the weeks leading up to Earth Day Glendale Community College students gathered around and coordinated a plethora of go green events as part of celebrations for our planet’s cleanliness.

The GCC annual Dumpster Drive was the highlight of this week mainly due to it being a collective effort from GCC students.

While most students were sleeping and getting their rest for the long day ahead some GCC students’ woke up bright and early at around six to get to help the environment at this year’s annual Dumpster Drive.

The Dumpster Drive began at 6:45 a.m. on April 18 just a few short days from Earth Day.

“A lot of classes are offering up extra credit because it’s so early in the morning, but it’s a great way to jump in and help see what we can do with our environment,” said Marc Taylor, third year GCC student.

Although extra credit was a sure motivator for these students, some just wanted to help and make our environment better.

“I really do care about the environment, and the extra credit doesn’t hurt,” said Kristina Strava, third year GCC student.

The Annual Dumpster Drive is in its sixth year and stronger than ever. A crowd of 30 plus students participated and helped with the green effort leading up to Earth Day.

“[The Dumpster Drive] is mainly about going through the garbage and separating the plastics from the trash,” said Steven Gurrola, second year GCC student.

Regardless of the huge amount of debris the students quickly went to work as they separated the trash and recyclables.

“I like to see the environment looking nice, and recycling is always good. It helps save on a lot of stuff, so yea I’d guess I’d consider myself pro-environment,” said Montell Jordan, second year GCC student.

With some pro-environment students helping out in the Dumpster Drive there is no need to worry, as it seems that Glendale Community College is in safe hands with the help of its students.

“This is my first time doing the Dumpster Drive, and it was fun and kind of cool seeing what people were throwing away,” said Tari Jones, first year GCC student.

As the event went on students continued to pile loads of trash and recyclables in the designated areas, within no time the students were making a noticeable dent in the huge amount of scattered debris.

“I enjoyed the Dumpster Drive and it’s a good cause,” said Rachael Halby, first year GCC student.

As the team effort paid off, the students participating in the Dumpster Drive finished right on schedule, leaving with smiles on their faces as they walked away from the experience, feeling satisfied not only with their extra credit but also, with the feeling of being a Green Guacho.

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