Green Efforts says: Go green and save our environment!

by Esther Juarez

America Recycles Day was celebrated on Nov. 15, intended to make an emphasis on the importance of reducing scarcity of natural resources.

The Sidewalk Art Contest, which was a fun, creative and innovative event at GCC, promoted awareness for many students celebrating their involvement. The event started at 8 a.m., with judging at 11:30 a.m. Students who made the best chalk designs were awarded with various prizes.

What is the keyword? Sustainability. The Green Efforts Committee at Glendale Community College provides students with tools and many inputs required to maximize their potential as climate ambassadors.

Students help sort recyclable materials from regular trash during GCC’s annual Dumpster Dive event, part of the programs put on by Green Efforts, a committee that promotes recycling and environmental awareness. Photo by Esther Juarez

Green Efforts Committee works on several projects to engage students in the environmental awareness. An example of this was the documentary, “On Thin Ice,” from the “Frozen Planet” series, shown on Nov. 13 in NU-104.

Education toward climate changes and environmental issues will help the community to contribute with the GCC’s Green Efforts Committee to a better dynamic interaction between society and nature.

Sustainability leadership has emerged as a result of significant concerns about the endeavors students demonstrate toward the global green movement.

Collection boxes for many recyclables were placed in the Central Mall area. The items collected to recycle included: cell phones, small electronics (such as electric staplers), rubber flip-flops, CD’s, DVD’s, plastic grocery bags, ink cartridges, writing instruments and batteries.

The Green Efforts Committee encouraged students to check out the student art and bring items for recycling. Additionally, they invited every student to attend meetings in order to enhance their potential and opportunity to learn more about the existing ways to ensure a resource-secure future.

This should provide guidance for a better approach to coexist with nature.

Thanks to the commitment of many students, faculty and community members, GCC have been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Second Nature Climate Leadership Awards.

This award recognizes the innovation and climate leadership in education for sustainability at signatory institutions.

On Nov. 1, Westmarc’s Best of the West 2012 named GCC the winner of the West Valley Quality of Life Enhancement Award, citing the college’s comprehensive pledge of sustainability.

Also the week of Nov. 12, the 25th annual Clean Air Campaign named GCC the winner of 2012 Outstanding Trip Reduction Program–Over 500 Employees–Public Employer. The Trip Reduction Program is promoted in campus displays, online and in employee orientations. The program encourages employees to use alternative transportation, including carpools, bicycles and public transportation to get to work.

Participants who use alternative transportation at least two times per week earn a preferred parking space, discounted bus passes and entry into prize drawings.

Dawna Kremin, executive secretary to the dean of instruction, helps students sort and separate recyclables from regular trash headed to the landfill at this year’s Green Efforts Dumpster Dive. Photo by Esther Juarez

Green Efforts celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. “Five years ago, there was nothing here; it was quite shocking to me,” said Ms. Harris, Green Efforts Committee member. “I would say that our progress has been excellent,” Harris said.

Because Green Efforts is much more than recycling, GCC added two courses in the environmental category.

Sustainable Cites SSH111 and Sustainable World SUS110. The purpose of these courses is dedicated to introduce students to the sustainable field, explore leading practice, and development of better human and natural global systems.

The Results for the First GCC Recycle Bin Dumpster Dive were announced Nov. 14.

These activities are meant to help the recycling program that works along with the City of Glendale. 70.9 percent belonged to clean recyclables, 17. 7 percent garbage, 7.6 percent contaminated bottles, 3.8 percent contaminated other recyclables.

It is important to mention the City of Glendale will not take any contaminated material.

“We have recycle coordinators in every building; we try to do presentations and faculty meetings at the beginning of the semester to tell people to get the word out to the students on how to recycle,” added Dr. Christina Eide, also part of the committee.

According to Chanda Fraulino, Recycle Program Coordinator at GCC, improving attitudes toward the sustainability issues is the ultimate goal.

“The purpose of this program is to make people responsible for their own waste,” Fraulino said.

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