Top Summer Blockbusters

By Gerardo Yepez

Students all around campus are excited for this year’s summer movie hits. As summer gets closer, more and more trailers are coming out reminding students of the blockbusters that will be hitting the silver screen.

Some of the more popular movies to be making an appearance this summer are “Iron Man 3” starring Robert Downey, Jr., “Man of Steel” directed by Zach Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, “The Wolverine” starring Hugh Jackman and “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Students sounded off about what they have on the top of their summer viewing lists, and the lists were anything short of being lackluster as many of them picked what are sure to be fan favorites.

“‘Iron Man 3’ or ‘The Wolverine,’ what can I say, I like the heroes,” said Joe Killbrew GCC student.

“If I can I will probably watch any of the superhero movies. I love superhero movies, I grew up reading all of the DC and Marvel comic books,” said Charles Threat GCC student.

While superhero movies seem to be the main choice for GCC moviegoers, there are others genres students want to watch.

“‘Star Trek: Into Darkness,’ mainly because I thought the first one was great, and look forward to this new incarnation of the great franchise,” said Paul Kxitkovskyi GCC student.

“I’m excited about ‘The Great Gatsby,’ not because it was a great book but mainly because it has great actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Daisy Buchanan and Tobey Maguire,” said De’Jon Sickles, GCC student.

“‘The Lone Ranger,’ due to the fact that I like the cast and crew that are making it,” said Daniel Cronin GCC student.

“‘The Great Gatsby’ is one that pops out to me because I read the book in high school. I’m curious to see if the film is portrayed like how my imagination pictured it,” said Gustavo Cacheux Jr, GCC student.

GCC students have spoken and made some great picks, it will be interesting to see which movie will come out on top at the box office. All the movies mentioned have great stories to offer students, and will be sure to entertain a few GCC moviegoers.

Although, many of these movie previews look great, we have all been to a movie or two that has not lived up to its name.

It appears some students have been through this experience far too many times, whether they experienced a bad superhero flick or just a bad theatre experience in general.

“I refuse to spend $9 to $10 to sit in [darn] shoebox,” said Philip Mond GCC student.

While there is some negative feelings toward this summer’s movies, other students hope for a better experience this time around.

“I guess the [‘Man of Steel’] movie, I’m not a fan Zach Snyder who’s directing, but I’ll give it a shot,” said GCC Dahney Jackson student.

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